How to Paint Your Hoverboard


Your hoverboard looking old for is age due to scratches or you want to customize you hoverboard‘s color? Well, here is a self-help guide on how you can custom paint it and make it look better than new. This tuitorial for Segway hoverboard.

What You Need: Sandpaper – P400 and P1000 + Tape + A pair of scissors + Spray paints

What You Do: The first step is to sandpaper the scratched parts with the P400 sand paper and the rest of the Segway with the P1000 sandpaper. This ensures the the surface is smooth and evened out. Carefully tape over the areas of the Segway where the feet are placed and the center, on the top side. Also apply some tape on the wheels ensuring to cover the out rims as swell. Ensure that all the areas are perfectly covered and use the scissors to cut away the excess hanging tape. Apply the first and second coats of spray paint all over the Segway, allowing ten minutes for each to dry. It should be noted that the first and second coats of paint should be light.

Later, apply a third coat that should be heavy this time round. Wait for the paint to dry as you come up with some design ideas that should be made into cutouts on the tape. Attach the designs on the scooter at your discretion. Apply a first and second light coat of paint of another color, allowing time for each to dry. Apply a third heavy coat after the second coat is dry. Allow this coat to dry and remove the tapes with the designs.

The final thing is to add a clear coat of paint that will serve as protection for the other paint and will keep the Segway shiny.Remove the tape covering the wheels and rims and enjoy your new, cooler Segway.

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